CES Assistant Principal

I am so honored to be the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Cherokee Elementary School. We have been working diligently this summer recreating our curriculum and pacing guides while focusing on the best instructional tools to use with our students. Our school is currently moving towards the implementation of blended learning. We are increasing the use of research based digital tools to help our students become successful 21st century learners.
My goal is to guide teachers in implementing a successful curriculum so all students achieve success and educational excellence.  
Please contact me if you have any question about our curriculum. Together we can help our students reach their fullest potential.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your child/children!  They are so amazing and talented. 


Online learning Sites

There are numerous online learning sites for students.
Our school has purchased specific programs for student learning. These programs can also be accessed from home.
Please contact your child's teacher for individual passwords to the following programs:
SmartyAnts  (K-2)
Achieve Kitdbiz (3-5)
Razkids (K-5)
IXL Math (K-5)
Splashmath (K-5)
Flocabulary (K-5)
Other programs that do not need passwords are also available for online learning. We recommend the programs listed below:
Letterland ( currently free) This is a phonics program we use in all K-3 classes
Khan Academy Kids- for ages 2-7 all skills
Khan Academy  8- up
Scholastic -reading
NoRedInk- writing
Trueflix- reading
Storyline online -  stories read to your child
Please contact me anytime. I am here to help!