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Elementary Sacred Path

Elementary Sacred Path

We, Cherokee Elementary, promise to be responsible, respectful, truthful and caring to all.

To build a classroom and school-wide community and to empower students by providing leadership opportunities and conflict resolution skills while teaching the values and traditions of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Each Learning Community:
  • Holds class meetings
  • Gives compliments
  • Shares concerns
  • Collectively decides on course of action
  • Shares equal partnership among community members in the spirit of the circle
  • Believes each member of community is irreplaceable and has something to offer
  • Works together for the good of the community

Learning Communities:
  • Pre-K- Waterbeetles
  • K- Rhythm Makers
  • 1st- Believers in the Little People
  • 2nd- Cherokee Power
  • 3rd- Peacekeepers
  • 4th- Keepers of the Sacred Belt
  • 5th- Spirit of the Turtle
  • Staff- Keepers of the Fire
  • Class meetings are structured around our local tribal government: chief, vice-chief, recorder