Shi-yo, Musicians, Families, and Friends!

I *remember* being 5 years old and thinking that I would be a music teacher in an elementary school.   Setting that as a goal for myself, I spent my  youth developing music skills and preparing for college.  After completing my undergraduate degree in Music Education at The Crane School of Music  in Potsdam, New York (1994), I completed my master's degree in Music Therapy at Florida State University (1996). Soon after graduating from FSU,    I walked into my very first music room at 21 years old...more than excited to see my dream come true. 
Here I am, a few (ahem) years later...STILL EXCITED to be living my dream...STILL EXCITED to be learning and growing...STILL EXCITED to be a music teacher in the very best elementary school! It is with great joy that I sing, move, play, create, talk, listen to, investigate, write, share, and experience music with your child at Cherokee Elementary School. I am thankful for the opportunity each and every day. 
Our CES Music Room is committed to the 
by empowering our students, preserving our nation, and ensuring  our future through the Cherokee inspired Sacred Path philosophy. Music time provides opportunities for learning, leadership, and  conflict resolution grounded in the values and traditions of the  Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians 
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In the music room, we all belong.
In the music room, we can learn and grow.
In the music room, we have the power to make decision.
In the music room, we choose to help others.
In the music room, we believe it is important to be
responsible, respectful, truthful, caring, and safe.
Ms. Colvin is a musician that also loves reading, spending time with friends, and smelling the flowers along the way. Ms. Colvin graduated from the Crane School of Music (SUNY Potsdam) with her Bachelor of Music Education degree in 1994 and from Florida State University with her Masters of Music Therapy degree in 1996. She has been teaching in Indian Country for nearly 25 years; 20 of those years in Cherokee, NC. Ms. Colvin recently attained a long-standing professional goal of becoming certified in the Kodaly Teaching Methodology.