Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade, "Keepers of the Sacred Belt".
"We, the a-da-tso-s-di di-ni-k(a)-ti-ya promise to be: responsible, respectful, truthful, and caring to all."
Here, at Fourth Grade, we are committed to teaching in our specialty areas. Team One consists of Mrs. Lyvers and Mrs. Rice. Mrs. Lyvers teaches ELA, Reading, and Social Studies. Mrs. Rice teaches Math and Science. Team Two consists of Ms. Beck, who teaches Math, Ms. Hall, who teaches ELA and Reading, and Mrs. Allison, who teaches Science, Social Studies, and Classworks. Ms. Fisher is our Special Education teacher for all Fourth Grade students, assisted by Ms. Ledford. Our teaching incorporates 21st Century Learning with differentiation and inclusion, following the NC Common Core and Essential Standards.